Brand New EP!!!

So here is some exciting news for you…

For a little while we’ve been writing and thinking about working on a new EP and this weekend we finally got down to recording the majority of it.
It’s fun stuff I’ll have you know!

It’s going to be six songs long, one of which is a dance remix of one of our old songs ( yes really, us doing a dance track) and we’re pretty pleased with how it’s all turning out.
None of the characters featured in Harry’s generation are in it, instead we’ve focused on stories and people from further back, like Regulus, Lupin and even the founders.

And, and, and…

We shall be releasing it at our show this June in Cork with Romilda Vane & The Chocolate Cauldrons and Harry And The Potters!

So pretty much.
Get your ears and your pennies ready for June 😉

Love Siriusly Hazza P


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3 responses to “Brand New EP!!!

  1. So looking forward to hearing the dance track!

  2. DK Anderson

    Wait, what? A dance track? Ooooohhhh….

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