Harry and the Potters in Leeds!


Harry and the Potters are currently on their UK and Sweden tour, so how could we possibly pass up the opportunity to go see our favourite wizard rock band play again? The closest venue to us was Leeds, so on Thursday we hopped on the train (sadly not the Hogwarts Express, though a rickety old trolley of treats was dragged down the aisle) and made our way to Wharf Chambers to see them play!


At LeakyCon, they were discussing how they would love to get their hands on a saxophone for this tour but didn’t know where to find one, at which point Laura piped up that she owns one – a shiny blue one at that – and would be delighted to bring it along to their Leeds gig. Thanks to this, we got to hear Save Ginny Weasley From Dean Thomas and a version of My Teacher is a Werewolf with a mean sax solo.


Other pretty cool parts of the show included Joe letting off confetti over our heads at the beginning,  getting Hermione Screws Up The Polyjuice Potion dedicated to us; we may or may not be crazy cat ladies, and (Not Gonna Put On) The Monkey Suit being played off the cuff for Laura and her fiancé James by way of an early wedding gift! On top of that, a guy requested Fluffy – a forgotten classic. Loved hearing that.

They had support from a UK band named Martha, who were excellent – we love finding out about new music, and we’ll definitely be giving them a listen!


Have to say, this was probably our favourite ever Harry and the Potters show because it was so intimate and a whole lot of fun.  They’re on their way to Sweden next, so to any Swedish readers: make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!

hatp1‘Do something dynamic!’ demanded Ellie of The Lost Diadems (centre), and so we did…

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