Retro Wizard Rock From The UK!

Cathrin & Laura – Siriusly Hazza P

Formed in 2007, Siriusly Hazza P are one of the UK’s most long standing Wizard Rock bands. We are known for jolly songs about the boy wizard’s world with a distinctly jazzy, 1940’s feel , as well as our energy and enthusiasm on stage.

 Drawing musical inspiration from muggle acts such as The Puppini Sisters, Glenn Miller and The Andrews Sisters – we’re all about harmonies and horns! Laura plays piano, and Cathrin plays bass in the band – as well as both of us providing vocals.

We like to bring a bit of vintage sparkle and glamour to our live performances through our appearance – we wouldn’t dare be caught throwing out one of our dance routines without a slick of lipstick and a pretty dress!

We have played at venues across the UK and Europe, entertaining wizards and witches of all nationalities!