Siriusly Hazza P – Available To Buy On BandCamp

1. Why’d I Do It?
2. Malfoy Is A Jerk
3. Toujours Pur
4. The Mirror
5. Grawp
6. In Too Deep
7. Pipes
8. Witchface
9. Harry Turtle
10. Love Song For The Marauders
11. Nagini (Techno Remix)
12. The Ballad Of John Simons

Siriusly Hazza P

Siriusly Hazza P And Their Magical Menagerie 

1. Hedwig
2. Nagini
3. Arnold
4. Trevor
5. Crookshanks
6. Fang
7. Fawkes

You can now buy a digital copy of Siriusly Hazza P And Their Magical Menagerie online!

Picture 23

Click above on Arnold to buy the full album for just £5

Picture 24

Click above on Trevor to buy a single track for £1 – please state which song you would like in the ‘notes to seller’ section at the checkout page!

So, simply pick whether you want to buy the whole album or select a single song if just one tickles your fancy! We will then email you your songs and the album artwork – so make sure the email address you use is an active one.

It couldn’t be simpler! And remember, half of the money made from this release will go to the charities supported by The Snow Ball 2012 (Cancer Research UK and The Harry Potter Alliance)

Siriusly Hazza P - Front Cover

Past Releases….

Siriusly Hazza P – Catfights & Cauldrons!

1. Trouble At Hogwarts
2. Don’t Mind You’re A Werewolf
3. Turn Around
4. Witchface (Acoustic Version)
5. Madam Pudifoot’s (I Love Tea)
6. For Regulus (Dance Remix)

Siriusly Hazza P – Charming!

1. Malfoy Is A Jerk
2. The Locket
3. In Too Deep
4. The Rise & Fall Of Love Potion
5. Bitten
6. Human Heart, Hairy Snout
7. Why’d I Do It?
8. We Are Honeydukes!
9. Let The Parchment Roll
10. The Ballad Of John Simons
11. Redemption
12. For Regulus

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3 responses to “Releases

  1. Hi ladies!! Just a quick question: I know you guys have a song from a previous (?) album called “The Mirror” that I’m interested in buying (to use in a few weeks as the “wrock of the week” when my re-read blog does the Mirror of Erised chapter). Trouble is, I’m not sure where I can buy it. Any ideas?

    Thanks so much! I love your music!

  2. Eileen

    I’m interested in getting a song from your last CD, Love Song for the Marauders. Any way I can do that?

  3. Wow. Sorry we haven’t logged into this site for ages but we’re going to start using it again & posting updates…

    As a (belated) answer:
    There isn’t anywhere to buy these songs at the moment but we’re hoping to make our music available on itunes very soon.