August 8th 2013 – LeakyCon London

European and American wrock bands unite on the LeakyCon London mainstage!


December 1st 2012 – The Snow Ball 2012

The Snow Ball was back with a bang! The Pumpkin Pasties, RiddleTM, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons, Siriusly Hazza P and Harry and the Potters. Along with a surprise set from Bradley of Draco and the Malfoys/Remus and the Lupins!

March 22nd 2012
Birmingham University HP Society

We played for Birmingham University’s HP Society at their patronus themed social – lots of dancing and fabulous costumes!

December 16th 2011 – Wizarding Winter Fair
Macclesfield Library, Macclesfield

Crafts, cakes and wizard rock! A lovely festive celebration featuring music from the likes of RiddleTM, The Lost Diadems, The Pumpkin Pasties, Romilda Vane and The Chocolate Cauldrons and Wrock Leviosa!

October 15th 2011 – Wrockeborg
Gothenburg, Sweden!

We hopped on a plane to play a show alongside Romilda Vane and The Chocolate Cauldrons, Solitary Snape Lockhart’s Beundrarpost and Dödsrelikerna (as well as the other fabulous bands that played at the open mic beforehand!)

March 12th 2011 – Wrock London
Queen Mary College, London

Lots of fun with The Deathsticks and Romilda Vane and The Chocolate Cauldrons!

December 17th & December 18th 2010 – The Snow Ball 2010
The Lot/Edinburgh Central Library, Edinburgh

The Snow Ball turns into a two day extravaganza to get everyone involved! The evening show was back in The Lot and was a lot of fun with sets from RiddleTM, Romilda Vane and The Chocolate Cauldrons, ourselves and Swish & Flick! The day after we fought through the snow to play at the library alongside lots of fantastic Wrock bands from across the world.

October 29th 2010 – Wrocktoberfest
Moresby Rugby Club, Cumbria

A fun Halloween celebration with The Dark Mark Experience, The Lost Diadems and Romilda Vane and The Chocolate Cauldrons! We put on our black lipstick and performed some spooky tunes.

June 27th 2010 – Wizard Rock @ Midsummer Festival
The Pavilion, Cork, Ireland

An amazing show with Romilda Vane & The Chocolate Cauldrons and Harry & The Potters! Our first time catching a plane to play a show, and indeed our first time playing outside of the UK. We had an awesome time – the venue was gorgeous, the crowd were wonderful – and you can see the whole thing on ‘s UStream.

April 2010 – House Show
Edinburgh, Scotland

We played our first house show up in Scotland! More importantly, this was also the first ever UK Wizard Rock show to be streamed live and watched by wizards across the internet! It was to mark the opening of the brand new site for all your UK & European Wizard Rock wants –
You can still see the footage of the show on the websites UStream channel here.

March 25th 2010 – ULU HP Society Show
ULU Duck & Dive Bar, London

A slightly surreal show with The Deathsticks, RiddleTM and Romilda Vane and The Chocolate Cauldrons. We all tried our best despite age issues and an uninterested soundman.

December 18th 2009 – The Snow Ball
The Lot, Edinburgh, Scotland

Christmas celebrations with The Black Sisters, RiddleTM, us, Romilda Vane and The Chocolate Cauldrons and The Remus Lupins just beneath Edinburgh castle! A really wonderful show with wizards flying in from all across the world, despite the heavy snow falls.

June 28th 2009 – Hogwarts Jamboree
Loom Bar, London

An amazing all-day Wizard Rock. As well as performances from The Deathsticks, Shrieking Shack Disco Gang, RiddleTM and us, there was a quiz, a raffle, a screening of We Are Wizards and lovely stalls 🙂 Blog about it can be found here

May 30th 2009
Birmingham Central Library

With Split Seven Ways, RiddleTM and The Lost Diadems (it was their first show and they were amazing!).

Check out the blog about it, containing a link to videos here!

March 14th 2009 – Hogwarts Spring Fling
Cambridge University Social Club

With Shrieking Shack Disco Gang (how much do their songs make you dance?!), RiddleTM and Split Seven Ways. Check out the blog we wrote about it here, it includes a link to videos of our set.

December 13th 2008 – UK Yule Ball!
Kensington Central Public Library

The UK’s first Yule Ball was super fun! Also appearing were The Black Sisters, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons and RiddleTM. Read our blog about it for more details 🙂

October 18th 2008
Birmingham Central Library

Back again! This time with Luna Wants a Long Bottom and Split Seven Ways!

August 16th 2008
Birmingham Central Library

We headed back to Birmingham Library to play a show with the wonderful Peeved & RiddleTM. Read an article about it posted by the library here.

July 27th 2008 – Accio Wrock
Carling Academy, Oxford

Accio Wrock was a wizard rock show organised to coincide with the end of the Accio convention in Oxford. Seven amazing bands played, we had a great time! We wrote a blog about it, including pictures of all the bands, check it out here.

November 2nd 2007 – Halloween Show
Macclesfield Library

We went back to Macclesfield Library for a Halloween show. The sound messed up at the start but we sorted it out. This was definately the most active audience we’ve had which was really awesome. We had a dance in the crowd, like at Potter Rocks. See videos of the show here!

October 27th 2007 – Potter Rocks!
Birmingham Central Library

On Saturday 27th we headed down to Birmingham for Potter Rocks 2007, for the first multiple act Wizard Rock event in the UK! This was an amazing day and everyone we met there was so awesome. We were the last set of the evening. 6 bands, including us, performed. For more details read here!

July 20th 2007 – Deathly Hallows Release Show
Macclesfield Library

We played our first ever show at our local library to celebrate the release of the final book in the Harry Potter series. After the show we headed down to Waterstones to wait for our copies of the book. This was a really great night!

Read the huge blog we wrote about it here.