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Goodnight Astor, Wrock London and Leakycon!

Wow, it’s really been quite some time since we’ve updated our website. We’ve been rather busy this year focusing on our education but it’s all drawing to a close, so we now have more time to focus on our music, not just our wizard rock project, but our other band Goodnight Astor – you should check out our site if you’ve not already. We’re really excited to be able to now take time to develop our music with this band – recording songs and performing them locally. So keep your peepers on that one.

It’s not been all quiet on the Siriusly Hazza P front this year though, in March, we performed at Wrock London 2011 at the SCR Bar at Queen Mary’s University in London – hosted by the ULU Harry Potter society. We had a great time performing with The Deathsticks and Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons and it was great to join in the now traditional wizard dance party at the end of the evening!

You can watch clips of our set here:

This coming summer we’re off to enjoy sunny Florida for Leakycon 2011! This is the first con we’ve attended & it’s sure to be great. How many of you wizards will we be seeing there?

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Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Cover

We’ve been very busy – hence not updating for a couple of weeks. We are bad. We shall try not to leave it this long again. Really.

We’ve made a couple of videos for our youtube.

One was a cover of The Beatles song, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, in which we pretended to be puppets, as one does, naturally.
Recording was interesting for this. To achieve the ‘infamous’ hammer sound we had to resort to clanging two soup ladles together. We like to think it produced an interesting effect. Coming up with the make-up for the video was pretty fun as well and you can see the whole thing right here

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Hello there,

We have, I’m sorry to say, been neglecting this site somewhat but, as of now, this shall change.
We’re doing our best to improve it – add some new pictures, post some blogs – and hopefully we’ll maintain it. Promise.

We’ll post any news or updates on this page…

Laura & Cathrin

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