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A Project for 2010 – From M.E To You

As most of you will know both of us were ill for a long time with M.E.

However not so many will be aware of what this actually is or the massive impact it has upon those who are unfortunate enough to suffer from it.
We feel, that as we were both lucky enough to make a full recovery from it, we should do something to raise awareness for people that do.

Step forward our ‘pet project’ for 2010…
From M.E To You

We’re gunna post videos/write blogs on this throughout the year and hopefully try some other fun things for raising its profile. It’d be really amazing if you could support us in this, just by reading what we say or watching videos. It’s all about passing on the word, you see…


You can see the first two videos we’ve made for this here & here!

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