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Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Cover

We’ve been very busy – hence not updating for a couple of weeks. We are bad. We shall try not to leave it this long again. Really.

We’ve made a couple of videos for our youtube.

One was a cover of The Beatles song, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, in which we pretended to be puppets, as one does, naturally.
Recording was interesting for this. To achieve the ‘infamous’ hammer sound we had to resort to clanging two soup ladles together. We like to think it produced an interesting effect. Coming up with the make-up for the video was pretty fun as well and you can see the whole thing right here

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About You Now

We’ve done a cover of the Sugababes song ‘About You Now’

It’s up – here – on our youtube channel.
We did it as a collab with a fellow youtuber who added a beatiful violin section to it – it sounds really lovely.

We picked this particular song as we like to take pop songs that have a really comercial, samey, sound and strip them down and and turn them into something new and different. It’s a really well written song when you hear it just on its own.


We filmed a video to go with it, out in the grounds of big house in the village where we live. It was lots of fun and very pretty but sooooooooo cold. Freezing.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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